Netflix’s New Dating Show Is Like ‘Love Island’ Except Contestants Lose Money Every Time They Have Physical Pleasure

Love Island with a brutal twist.

Netflix have been doing the entire world a solid by continuing to churn out content during the pandemic and that includes new dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ which is dropping next Friday, April 17.

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On the surface it looks like just another Love Island where a bunch of impossibly attractive singles are put in some exotic location where they start shagging and bitching about each other 24/7, but ‘Too Hot To Handle’ involves an interesting twist:

Pretty genius IMO? A bit like Love Island meets Big Brother with Amazon’s Alexa running the show for some reason. OK sure it’s still going to be as trashy and pointless as every other reality TV show out there but I do like the idea that this lot have come into the show thinking they’re going to get laid or at least have a smooch, only to find that they and/or their fellow contestants will be punished for it each time.

Having said that, from the looks of that trailer it seems they’re breaking the rules left, right and centre so maybe it will be just like Love Island after all. Oh well, at least Afterlife 2 is round the corner – catch the new trailer for that HERE.


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