Netflix Just Dropped Footage From Dave Chappelle’s New Comedy Special

Dave Chappelle

This is going to be good.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Dave Chappelle’s two new comedy specials on Netflix – his first in ten years don’t you know – since they were announced towards the end of last year. And now we’ve only got about a week longer to wait and expectations are through the roof.

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This hasn’t been helped by Netflix releasing a clip from the special to build our anticipation even further. It might be only 90 seconds long, but it’s more than enough to get you in the mood for the real deal next week. In it, Dave rags on ISIS, O.J. Simpson and regular table salt and as always, he’s got a lot on his mind:

Doesn’t look like he’s missed a trick there does he? ‘Don’t like’ – very relevant these days.

Only about a week to wait until we can watch the whole thing, but if you can’t wait that long then you can always check out this video of him singing Radiohead’s Creep. That’s kind of weird though and not really that funny.


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