A Graffiti Artist Just Made The Best Alteration Ever On The Sign Outside Netflix HQ

Netflix and no chill.

Everybody knows the meme that is ‘Netflix and chill’. Not unlike the birth of the millennials; in another 10 years a new generation shall rise forth from the ashes. The generation born of misguided fumblings of teenagers ‘chilling’ under the pretence of watching OITNB, otherwise known as getting balls deep in some poonani. Henceforth they shall be dubbed the Netflix and Chillers.

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Unlike the man bun, which was never funny and has always been a parasitic leech on youth culture, Netflix and Chill, at least, provided some laughs at first. But then all those lad sites used it a minimum of 7 times in every article they ever posted and their readers used it in every comments section and it just started to seem not so funny anymore.

Luckily, however, a good samaritan has temporarily resurrected it’s comical value, through the medium of art.

How this has only just been done, I have no idea. It seems so simple. On a related note, why is their sign so boring? A multi-billion dollar company and that’s the best they can do? Obviously the company was having none of it and quickly painted over the graffiti tag but personally I’m hoping this will now start a trend and everyone will be at it.

The best part is that the mastermind behind this operation actually committed the act in broad day light and even got photographed doing it.

Absolutely fearless. If you’ve got any plans to Netflix and chill anytime soon, make sure you use one of these themed bad boys.


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