Netflix And Chill Condoms Now Officially Exist

Well, it was inevitable.

Now that Netflix and Chill is an unstroppable worldwide phenomenon, it’s probably important to remind people that they need to be responsible about it — and what better way than by strapping up with these Netflix and Chill condoms.

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A 4-pack sells for $9.99 (around £6.50) on Netflixandchillcondom, courtesy of Pop Gallery store owner Kori Williams.

Another brand, ‘Say It With a Condom’ makes a Netfl!x And Chill Condom with boxier packaging.

And another charging $12 (around £7.80) on a 3-pack is available from NF and Chill.


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If you’re the person who came up with ‘Netflix and chill’, you’ve got to be pissed off about this. Everyone just capitalising on your idea and making money from it. Who was that person anyway? Does anyone know? They came up with a saying that basically took over the world and now not only are Netflix themselves cashing in on it but so are random condom entrepreneurs.

Someone send some over to this guy’s incredible custom-built Netflix and chill garden shed, ASAP.


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