Nerd Rapping In The Hood With Homies Is Way Better And Funnier Than Expected

Nerd Rapping In The Hood Is Way Funnier Than Expected

Turns out this boy can actually spit.

I’m not sure if this goes down as a hood prank in the traditional sense of the idea in that white guys go to the hood, piss off black homies and then get beaten up, but it does involve a white guy going to the hood and being an idiot so it could probably be placed under the wider umbrella of hood pranks. Or maybe start its own new offshoot genre.

The dude is called Big Daws TV and he goes down to the hood with his boom box dressed as nerd – he probably is just a nerd though – and asks random homies for a random word that he has to freestyle about. You would probably think that he was going to be pretty lame due to his demeanour, but he’s actually pretty sick and pulls it out of the bag and most people are actually down with it. It’s also really funny to watch.


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