You Need To Watch This Sky News Report About The Italian Covid-19 Crisis


Coronavirus – or Covid-19 as people seem to be calling it now – shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, as people continue to flaunt government advice and hang out at pubs and cinemas and go to work, continuing to spread the virus all over the place.

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That’s probably why Sky News decided to make the special report that you can see below on what’s currently going on in Italy and how decimated their health service currently is because of the virus. It’s a grim and disturbing watch showing hospitals being completely overrun and everyone struggling to breathe, with the reporter Stuart Ramsay likening it to scenes from the apocalypse.

It’s a harrowing watch, but one that I feel is necessary to get people to understand that they need to social distance now in order to beat this thing:

Jesus that was grim wasn’t it? The reporter wearing a hazmat suit really did rub in just how bad everything it going right now didn’t it?

I can’t really believe that the people in charge of this country are just watching reports like that and not realising that it’s going to happen over here unless they actually do something about it and put the country into lockdown? Or at least actively close all bars and clubs etc so that the spread of the virus will actually slow down?

Hopefully people will see this and stop carrying on as normal, but man it just doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen right now. Fingers crossed it doesn’t sing anyone you know’s death warrant.

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