Nate Diaz Repays A Fan Who Lost His Rent Money Betting On The Jorge Masdival Fight


I think most people kind of expected Nate Diaz to beat Jorge Masvidal for the BMF belt a couple of weeks ago, so you be forgiven for putting a few bucks on it in an effort to try and line your own pockets.

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Unfortunately, you would have come up short in your prediction and if you were as unlucky as this guy on Instagram this might have meant that you couldn’t make your rent money. Fortunately though, the guy had a great idea to try and solve his problem: call Nate Diaz out on Instagram.

Then things took an unexpected turn:

The dude later confirmed that it was completely real in the following statement as well, just in case you didn’t believe these screenshots:

Update for everyone asking me, Yes Nate actually helped me out Nate is the true OG BMF he sent me more money than what I lost on my bet and I’m using it to buy from his cbd company “Game Up” Nate is a really cool guy when I made that post I didn’t think twice about it I didn’t even think he would see it and I even let him know that I wasn’t really sleeping in my car it was more of a joke but it was awesome the way he responded and the fact that he refunded me and gave me some extra cash just goes to show he is a man of the people !!! 💯 👊🏻 🥋🐐

I mean that is legit insane. I would like to think if I was super rich and someone sent me a message like that I might help them one day like this somehow and really make their life, but I guess I gotta get super rich and famous before I can put that into practice. So never.

Respect to Nate Diaz for lumping up some cash for this guy though. I guess he’s getting loads of PR though and his CBD company is getting a shout out too so it’s not exactly money for nothing, but even so it’s still safe and I don’t see anyone else doing it. Props.

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