Nate Diaz Shares Photo Showing He’s Squashed The Beef With Justin Bieber

Nate Bieber

It might have something to do with this sweet personalised bong he received.

Following his victory over Conor McGregor at UFC 196, Nate Diaz issued an A+ response to Justin Bieber after he wouldn’t stop bigging up McGregor on Instagram.

To be fair it must be annoying for Nate Diaz seeing 99% of the talk after the fight was still about McGregor even though he just choked him out in front of the world.

The good news for Nate Diaz? It’s nothing a personalised bong won’t fix:


His brother Nick got one too:


I can’t think of anything that could chill you out more than getting a personalised bong as a present, which is why Diaz and Bieber squashed the beef after running into each other recently:



Not saying we wouldn’t still love to see Bieber get choked out by Diaz, but it’s also nice to see people getting along sometimes.

Here’s what the Diaz Bros might look like getting baked on those bongs:


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