Nando’s Is About To Start Selling Chips And Peri Peri Gravy

Peri Peri Gravy

Merry Christmas.

Nando’s is undoubtedly one of the most popular chicken restaurants in the country but even though they’ve already achieved this status they’re still constantly trying to innovate and bring more and more items to their already overflowing menu.

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This year to celebrate Christmas, they’ve decided to create a menu item that I didn’t even think was possible: Peri Peri gravy. For just £1.25 you’ll be able to add a jug of the stuff to any of your favourite Nando’s meals and it sounds and looks like it’s going to be absolute fire – literally.

Here’s what a Nando’s spokesman had to say about it:


Just in time for Christmas, and for a limited time only, the eagerly anticipated addition of Nando’s new, hot and tasty PERi-PERi Chicken Gravy will sit at the heart of its 2018 Christmas menu… because it is the 2018 Christmas menu.

Nando’s take on a British classic, PERi-PERi Chicken Gravy is rich and warming, with fiery, herby notes – perfect for cold winter days and nights, in the build-up to Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

I mean yeah they’re not really saying anything I didn’t know there but it definitely ramped up the excitement level yet again. The gravy is available from December 4th until the 31st so you had better make sure you pencil a visit in – we all know how busy it can get over Christmas.

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