Watch This Naked Waitress Accidentally Flash Her Vagina On A Live News Report

Naked Waitress

She wasn’t really too bothered about it, but everyone watching seemed to be.

Over in New Zealand, a TV station called TV 3 decided that they were going to run a news segment on a new naked dining experience in the country.

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Obviously, shooting a segment about a naked restaurant was going to be kind of tricky to do tastefully and non-offensively due to the very nature of the beast, but it seems like whoever was in charge didn’t think about this at all. For some reason, they decided to shoot it live so there was no way they could edit it if there were any mistakes and the absolute worst thing that could probably have happened ended up happening: one of the naked waitresses ended up flashing her vagina at the camera. Whoops.

You can check out the footage below, although the offending area has been blurred out in this version. In the original you could see it in all its glory:

Yeah, that is a bit of an eyeful. Although while the station itself and its viewers were clearly shocked by it, the waitress herself, 27-year-old glamour model Tyler Diamond, doesn’t seem that bothered and can’t really understand what all the fuss is about:

I think they (the TV3 presenters) were more shocked than I was.

I was more like: ‘Okay so it’s a vagina, so what?’ But I think they were kind of like: ‘Oh, a vagina, oh crap.’

I’m not worried at all about it, I mean it’s nudity, it’s a body, we’ve all got one. It’s a vagina at the end of the day, and we’ve all come from one. People need to chill out a bit.

Well yeah exactly. Unfortunately most of the world are prudes so they’re not going to like the fact that she’s out there flaunting it at what I assume was an unreasonable hour. But to be honest, the real blame has to fall at the hands of the producers – why the hell didn’t they just pre-record it to avoid something like this happening, especially given the subject matter? Morons.

If you like the idea of a naked dining experience, then check out this one coming to London this summer.


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