A Naked Man With A Mullet Has Been Filmed Sliding Down A Train Carriage


Train journeys are invariably pretty boring unless you’re with a bunch of your mates on the beers going somewhere exciting like a wedding or a music festival, but every now and then something random happens on those every day journeys that really do brighten everything up – and this is another one of those times.

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Commuters on the Lilyfield Line on Melbourne’s Metro were treated to a naked man with a mullet sliding down the middle of the carriage on their evening commute in scenes that look like they might have come from a teenage sex comedy – maybe he was celebrating the 20th anniversary of American Pie. The guy actually manages to get pretty far on his slide too, thanks to some water or piss or something on the floor of the carriage. 

Anyway, someone was lucky enough to catch the performance on video, so now we all get to see it as well:

Kinda gross right? Not kidding though if I was on my boring ass train journey home then I would absolutely love seeing that guy do that – I don’t care if he gets all mucky and gross for it, I’m on my train home and I wanna be entertained dammit. Can’t really see anything like that ever happening in this country though – it’s just not the British way is it?

The Metro Service weren’t happy about it though:

Passenger safety is Metro’s number one priority and this type of behaviour is completely unacceptable on public transport.

If passengers witness anything of this nature on board a train, we urge them to press the emergency call button to alert Metro staff or to call police.

We encourage our passengers to be mindful of those around them, which means behaving in a respectful and community-minded way.

Oh waaaaaah. Chill out and enjoy it for what it is – it’s not like it’s every day we see a naked guy sliding around on a train, if ever. Losers.

For more naked men, check out this naked man performing a pole dance on the Victoria line. Guess it does happen every now and again.


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