There’s A Naked Jogger Who Just Wears A Bum Bag And Trainers In Staffordshire

He was flopping about everywhere.

The lockdown led us all to take up a whole bunch of new activities – running, baking banana bread, wearing masks – but one guy has really taken it to the extremes by going out for his run fully in the buff.

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The man was spotted just wearing a bumbag and trainers as he embarked on his daily run in the town of Roaches, near Leek in Staffordshire. Apparently he’s been doing it a lot recently and it wasn’t a one off, as the wildlife photographer (lol) who took the snap you can see above explained:

He ran past two men then hid behind a wall when he saw an Asda delivery van come down a farm drive.

It’s wrong, because a child might see him. He was flopping about all over the place.

I saw him when I was out for a run. Odd bugger to say the least.

Yeah you can’t really argue with anything he’s said there, although it seems kinda weird that someone would go running naked and be fully aware of all the consequences of doing this and then hide when he saw a delivery man? Surely makes no sense?

Anyway, hopefully the national attention that this photograph is drawing to him will make him consider his actions. Whilst it’s cool to be naked, I don’t think it’s really that great to force your nakedness on others who don’t necessarily want to see it, especially when there could be a bunch of young children around seeing it. Sort it out guy.

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