The Mystery Of The Dead Husband Woman Saw In Indian Restaurant Has Been Solved

It was basically someone else.

It was a really slow news week last week after a woman claimed on Facebook that she saw her dead husband in the promotional video of a curry house in West Sussex, with the story going viral and people from all over the world chiming in about it.

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The restaurant itself Spice Cottage was quick to distance itself from any funny business with zombies and the dead, but they’ve now managed to track down the two men in the video and identified them as 67 year old Alan Harding and his friend Kevin. Here’s what Alan had to say about his whirlwind past few days, as well as a very cringeworthy pun filled statement from Spice Cottage themselves:

I guess I am the ghost. It is just unbelievable how many people from around the world have read about this.

I had no idea until a friend of mine called to say he had read about the ghost diner and thought it looked like me.

I saw the video and, of course, recognised myself and my friend Kevin Parsons. It is all quite funny, but I am definitely very much alive.

I do remember seeing them film in the restaurant but thought nothing of it.

I guess some people really wanted it to be a ghost but sadly not to be.

I want to say this is crazy and I suppose it is in one sense because some old woman’s silly comment about seeing a guy who looked like her husband managed to convince the whole world that ghosts might exist, but ultimately I just think it’s more just completely and utterly stupid for the same reason. Definitely feel sorry for the woman losing her husband and seeing him around everywhere she looks, but don’t feel sorry for all the people that were legitimately taken with the story that this was a ghost and made it go viral. Get a clue guys, please.

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