A Mysterious Wooden Penis Has Been Erected In The Alps

Wooden Penis

What the heck?

It’s always funny when you see a penis somewhere that it shouldn’t be, but I think we’ve reached peak dick jokes with this wooden one that has been erected somewhere in the alps.

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Despite the fact that it’s up a mountain somewhere and must have taken considerable effort to build, nobody is claiming ownership of it and the creator seems content to just sit back and watch his handiwork from afar. Can’t say I blame him to be honest.

The dick was first discovered on Austria’s Ötscher Peak by hiker and photographer Marika Roth, who posted the pictures on her Facebook page last weekend. As you might expect they went viral pretty quickly:

Yeah, I mean it’s not particularly big compared to the mountain but it must have taken someone considerable effort to lug it 6200 feet up there or sculpt it up there. It’s a completely bizarre prank but like I said at the start, any time I see dicks where they’re not supposed to be it’s hilarious so I absolutely love it. Just wish I had some kind of explanation for it – unless of course it was aliens?

One clue is the hashtag #Otscherpenis etched into it on one side, but it doesn’t seem to be trending or offering any sort of explanation on social media yet. Keep your eyes peeled though as it might reveal the truth in the near future, you never know.

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