My Top 3 – The Smiths


In an effort to retain some journalistic integrity after last weeks Morrissey bashing I present my top 3 tracks from The Smiths. This article may have been produced in a factory handling meat.



Last week I accidentally recalled the time I expressed my anger at Morrissey with criminal behavior. I say accidentally because what started off as a rant about the outspoken vegans controversial views quickly turned into a gratuitous me-fest.

I knew that if the story went live opinion would be divided, because like all of histories greatest nut jobs, Ian Huntley, Micheal Jackson, Hilter, no matter what they say or do there will always be an army of loyal supporters to defend their actions in some creative and deluded way.

In my article I dismissively referred to Morrissey’s entire back catalog as “depressing” As a result I was accused of being “a vapid nineteen year old with no fvcking sense.” It’s widely accepted that I’m lacking in common sense, but being called a vapid nineteen year old was just too much for my conscience to handle. So, in the interest of fair and balanced journalism, I immersed myself in a full day of The Smiths one rainy Tuesday in December. Just to get the full experience I traveled over to Manchester, got soaked to the bone and sulked in a pub while drinking a pint of Stout. The outcome? A journey into quintessential mope-rock. This is Juicy Steve’s top 3 Smiths Songs.

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