VIDEO: Ukrainian Daredevil Mustang Wanted Returns

Mustang Wanted Featured

Mustang Wanted was fairly quiet last year but it seems like he spent most of it hanging off buildings and super high ledges without any safety equipment. Here’s his 2013 highlight reel.

We featured Mustang Wanted way back at the start of last year when he decided to climb around a crane without any safety equipment in one of the most insanely stupid and nerve wracking stunts we’ve ever featured on the site.

After that we didn’t hear too much from him, but it looks like he spent 2013 doing most of the same things that originally made him famous, at least if this highlight reel is anything to go by. He’s been hanging off buildings, doing pull ups off cranes hundreds of feet in the air and dangling off the back of moving trains.

It’s about as crazy and fear inducing as you might think and will probably have you sweating and wincing with terror for its duration. Don’t try this at home.

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