Scariest Stunt Video Ever – Insane Guy Climbs Around A Crane With No Safety Equipment

Mustang Wanted

This video will literally make your palms sweat and probably make you turn away in horror at least once or twice. Some crazy kid just freestyles on a giant crane without any safety equipment. I think he’s Russian.

I had to look away from the video more times than when I accidentally got tricked into watching a snuff movie. This video is seriously screwed up. The dude in it is called Mustang Wanted and he seems to have a deathwish or failing that I guess he’s just the most confident person ever. Either way, this video is screwed up and I can’t believe he’s even attempting stuff like this to be honest. It looks like there was just nothing to do one day so him and his buddy who filmed it climbed up to the top of a really, really high crane wherever they live. I’m not sure where this is but it looks kinda like Russia and I believe that Russia is probably depressing enough that you would want to mess around on top of cranes to make it more interesting/end your boredom by dying spectacularly) and mess around on it a bit and film it.

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