Mum Marrying Stepson, 20, Faces Backlash After Posting Photo Of Him Aged Seven

Just a bit disturbing.

A Russian ‘influencer’ marrying her 20-year-old stepson posted a picture of herself with him when he was aged seven hoping to win support – but the plan predictably backfired in her face.

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35-year-old Marina Balmasheva lived with husband Alexey, 45, for over 10 years before the relationship ended in divorce, and she upgraded to a younger model by dating Alexey’s 20-year-old son Vladimir.

Her 420,000+ followers thought this was a bit weird, so how did Marina attempt to win them over? By sharing a before and after photo of herself posing by young Vladimir when he was 7 years old:

Maria wrote:

You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile. I know that some will judge us, others will support us, but we are happy and wish you to be as well.

Unfortunately the pic did not have the desired effect, and instead she’s got a bunch of Russians in her comments calling her a slag and suggesting this is borderline-nonce behaviour. It gets even weirder when you consider that Vladimir is helping Marina to raise three of his five siblings (all but one remained in Marina’s custody), meaning he’s effectively his own siblings’ stepdad. Yikes.

Marina also revealed that she wants to have children with Vladimir and that they are currently planning their wedding. Sure the whole thing is a bit disturbing but technically, it’s all above board and 100% legal so at worst they’re just going to have to deal with some online abuse, which Marina seems to be handling well to be fair. Best of luck to the happy couple?

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