Mum Gets Drunk And Arranges For Convicted Sex Offender To Tattoo Her Three Young Kids

Turns out you’re not allowed to do this.

A Texas mum got so drunk that she allowed a sex offender to tattoo her three kids, including a girl aged 9.

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31-year-old Ashley Nikole Weir apparently told them “not to cry or whine about it when it hurts”, according to what the kids told police.

When police got to the property, they found her 13-year-old had a cross on his ankle, her 10-year-old had an infinity sign and a cross and her 9-year-oldhad a design with an arrow and a heart on her right ankle.

The 13-year-old’s dad told police that his son had called him asking to be picked up and told him he had a ‘surprise’ which his dad probably wouldn’t like. Smart kid.

When dad got there, mum was passed out in bed and the kids were all hanging about unsupervised with their new tattoos.

Weir was arrested and charged with three counts of tattoos prohibited for certain persons, for which she faces 3 years in prison.


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Who knew that getting wasted and allowing a convicted sex offender to tattoo your young children was a crime? Just one of those stories that makes every other mum and dad out there feel like an A+ parent. No matter how many times you forgot to pick up your kid from school or cooked them an underwhelming meal, at least you never got drunk and had them tatted up by some creep who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near them in the first place. Any parent out there who hasn’t done that, give yourself a pat on the back.

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