Mum Defends Taking Her Children Hunting Animals As It Keeps Them Off Their Smartphones



The fact that the youth of today spends so much time on their computers and smartphones and not out exploring and being active is definitely a major problem for these newer generations, but I’m not sure if the answer to getting them off their ass is to take them hunting animals.

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This isn’t a view shared by 34 year old Heather del Mora though, who regularly takes her three children Papi, 14, Isa, 12, and Armonia, 9, out shooting ducks, deer and doves. She also bizarrely claims that this process also teaches them respect for animals:

Some of my most memorable times with the kids are when we’re out hunting together.

They don’t bring their phones, so we can properly talk, laugh and connect.

I’ve had people tell me they can’t believe I take my children hunting. I respect their opinion, but ask they respect mine too, and don’t knock something they haven’t tried.

Hunting gets children out there amongst nature, and teaches them respect for animals. They’re fascinated by the biology of it all too.

They help clean the animals, and I show them the heart and talk them through all the different chambers.

The kids also play lots of sports, so we go as much as our schedules allow. My husband Juan doesn’t really get it. He’d rather be home watching sports.

The children love it though. They haven’t shot doves yet, they prefer to run out and catch them, but they’ve caught loads of turkeys, deer and fish.

When we do kill something, we don’t just leave it there. We’ll clean it and take it for meat so it isn’t wasted.

We beat it into their brain to always be aware of their surroundings – safety, safety, safety.

It’s not a video game. These are real-life guns.

I mean I kinda get the point about them having memorable, real times together as they’re not glued to their phones, but surely Heather could just take them on a hike and ban them from using their phones on that instead. No need to go around killing animals really is there? Is there?

I know I’m not down with it but I guess some people just love the thrill of the hunt. Hopefully it won’t always be this way though. At least they’re using the dead animals for meat and not just wasting them I suppose.

For more hunting, check out this expert who reckons hunting humans for sport will soon become popular. Maybe then everyone will realise why hunting sucks.



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