Mum Broke Social Distancing Rules To Meet Enemy For A Midnight Scrap At Local Park

Most Scottish headline ever.

A mum over in Fife, Scotland, met her enemy in a playpark at midnight for a “square go” – watched by a circle of 5 other women all flaunting lockdown measures.

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Margaret Carr, 37, was angry because the other unnamed woman had “issues” with her 16-year-old daughter.

As the two women traded blows, the racket made by the skirmish alerted nearby police officers on foot patrol.

Prosecutor Caitlin French said (via Edinburgh Live):

Around midnight, police officers were carrying out foot patrols and became aware of a number of females shouting in a park nearby.

About six or seven females were in a circle and the accused was squaring up and starting to throw punches at another female, shouting and making threats.

The ladies were so frenzied however that the police had to call backup, and Margaret had to be tackled and pinned to the floor as she struggled against the officers. According to the prosecutor, she made their lives even harder by going entirely limp as they carried her to the police van:

The officers started to take her towards a police vehicle and she became essentially a dead weight.

She was also swearing her head off at the officers and kicked out at one of them as she was put into the back of the van.

In court, where Carr was not present, her lawyer Rebecca Cross apologised for the incident on her behalf and said she had been under ‘extreme stress’. It transpired the women had been aggressively texting each other before agreeing to meet at midnight for a scrap. Carr has been fined £420 for her troubles.

What can you say really? Pretty shocking story until you realise it took place in Fife, where this sort of behaviour is the most natural thing in the world even during a worldwide pandemic. I’d love to imagine this showdown as a Braveheart-style battle but the truth is it was probably more like a Scottish version of Vicki Polland having a ruck or something. I’m guessing they were all off their tits on Irn-Bru as well. Can’t let a deadly virus spoil the fun eh?

For more neighbourly disputes out of Scotland, here’s a man shooting his neighbour in the chest with a crossbow following an argument. Standard.


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