Classic Video: Muhammad Ali Surprises Kids On Candid Camera Show

muhammad ali

Check out this awesome 40 year old clip of Muhammad Ali surprising a bunch of school kids in New York.

For young kids growing up in the 60s and 70s, Muhammad Ali was the epitome of a sports celebrity.

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This video might be around 40 years old but it’s good enough make another round on the internet trail. Muhammad Ali is disguised as a caretaker for a school in New York and reveals his identity to each child individually just as they are explaining what they would say if they ever met Muhammad Ali.

The kids react with a mix of shock, awe, fear and elation, and they all handle their time with the champ very well, especially the last one. Are kids this switched on nowadays?

Good thing they didn’t try this Mike Tyson. He eats children, you know.

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