Watch This Muay Thai Fighter Knock Out OAP And His Daughter In Road Rage Attack


Don’t double park in front of this guy.

Road rage is one of those phenomenons that I’ve never quite been able to understand. Sure, you can get pretty angry when you’re driving and someone cuts you off or whatever, but is it ever so bad that you actually want to lump the living shit out of someone because of it? Not for me anyway.

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The same can’t be said of the dude in this video though. Apparently an old man and his daughter had double parked, and this guy who is a allegedly a champion Muay Thai fighter went absolutely nuts at both of them, beating the ever loving crap out of them. There’s not really anything cool about hitting old men or women, but this dude managed to do both in the same 30 second period. What an absolute asshole:

Jesus that guy was fucking pissed off eh? That was a nice elbow to knock the guy out I’ve gotta give him that I suppose, but man you can’t punch a girl in the face like that, especially over something as dumb as a parking error. Let’s hope the dude is OK and this guy gets tracked down and arrested because he fucking deserves it, whatever the reason.

For more road rage attacks, check out this recent incident from Ireland. People are crazy man.


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