Shocking Footage Shows What Happens When Road Rage Gets Out Of Hand


Instant karma.

Road rage is one of the most bizarre phenomenons of modern society, especially when it balls over into an actual full on fight.

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Well, the urge still gets some of us (I’m guilty of this too) and it can’t be seen any clearer than in this video, where a sufferer of road rage full on attacks someone in another car, apparently for no reason:

No sound, sorry. This was instant karma for road rage bully at the Park, Carrickmines on 2nd January 2017. Time and date stamp on video is incorrect.

At 2 minutes in, he pulls up alongside me in his Saab 9-5 and starts hurling verbal abuse out his window. Why? I’ve no idea as my driving up to that point shouldn’t have upset anyone.

Then, he got out of his car and attacked me through my open window landing 2 punches. I managed to get out of my car and land a combination of rights knocking him to the ground.

As I wrestled on the ground a bit and landing another right, a good samaritan and a plain clothes Garda came to assist.

Ouch. That really did shock me when the other dude came to his window and started shouting at him as it really didn’t look to me as if he had done anything wrong in the build up to that. You wouldn’t want to have that happen to you when you’re just driving out of the car park one day.

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