Mr Blobby Makes Wrestling Return And Gets His Head Kicked In During UK Royal Rumble

If wrestling is fake, explain this…

Wild scenes at the Riot Cabaret Pro Wrestling show in London this week as the promotion held a ’90s Royal Rumble’ which featured Mr Blobby himself turning up to wreak havoc on the other competitors. Here’s how that played out:

In the end, he ended up eliminating himself with this high-risk, super dangerous dive to the outside:

£62,000 well spent? Shame he didn’t bust out the Rock Crinkly Bottom followed by the Blobby Elbow, but after that performance I don’t think it’s the last we’ll be seeing from Mr Blobby in a wrestling ring. Will his reign of terror ever end?

P.S. Good thing Jack Whitehall wasn’t around:

For more of the same, check out Mr Blobby’s abandoned house. A notorious illegal raving spot in the 00s.


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