This Mother Of Two Died When She Took A Selfie From A 27th Floor Window (VIDEO)

Selfie Death

Be careful.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when we posted up an article about how around 200 people had died when attempting to take selfies since records began and now we can add another person to that list.

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44-year-old mother of two Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo tragically lost her balance when she was trying to lean back on a railing and take a selfie of herself on the 27th floor of the Luxor Tower in the El Cangrejo region of Panama. It’s being reported that she was still holding a selfie stick when her body was recovered on the ground.

Apparently she had been taking selfies for a couple of minutes and some construction workers from over the road yelled at her to be careful. They then began filming her in case anything happened, and bizarrely managed to capture the moment when she fell to her death. You can see that below, but this video is actually pretty distressing as it shows someone falling 27 floors, so you know, you have been warned about this:

Hot damn that is pretty awful isn’t it? RIP to Sandra and let’s hope that the fact this video and her story is on the internet will encourage people not to take dumbass risks in order to get better selfies. Really is one of the most pointless ways to die out there.

Another thing about this story – do you really think the builders were filming her because they thought it was dangerous and she might fall? How is that helping anyone in the situation? We all know the real reason those dirty builders were filming her don’t we?

For more selfies, check out this one that sent two teenagers to their brutal death. It’s more common than you think.


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