‘Most Wanted’ ISIS Terrorist Arrested In Spain Is Allegedly Brit Who Posed With Severed Heads

Good work.

You don’t really expect police to be fighting terrorism during a global pandemic, but it turns out that this is exactly what’s going on as it was today announced over in Spain that one of the most wanted ISIS terrorists had been arrested.

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The news was announced with an accompanying video over in the Spanish video. The identity of the arrested terrorist has not et been released, but it’s thought that it’s 27 year old British Eygptian national Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary.

Bary was a former rapper who had some moderate success with his music – including being played on Radio 1 – before fleeing the country to join up with ISIS in Syria. He was photographed posing with a severed head back in 2015.

Here’s what the official statement about the arrest had to say:

National Police officers have carried out an anti-terrorist operation that has culminated in the arrest in Almería of one of the most wanted DAESH Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF) in Europe.

The investigation has been carried out by researchers from the General Information Police Station, in collaboration with the Almería Provincial Police Station, and has had the collaboration of the National Intelligence Center.

Two other people have also been detained and work is currently underway to verify their identity and verify their relationship with the arrested person.

Agents searched an apartment where the three detainees were hiding in the Andalusian city.

The arrested FTF is one of the most wanted terrorists in Europe, both for his criminal record in the ranks of DAESH and for his high dangerousness.

The detainee had been in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone for several years and has both very peculiar personality traits and an extremely violent criminal profile, which caught the attention of the European police and intelligence services.

Part of his career at DAESH has been evidenced in various audiovisual media and the written press, which have published different aspects of his activity within the terrorist organization, showing images, some extremely crude, about his crimes in a conflict zone.

Good work for getting him off the streets, although again I’m kinda confused how they managed to co-ordinate this operation when they’re supposed to be on lockdown and enforcing that. Maybe the fact that there’s no petty crime going on meant that they could do some real police work for once? Makes you think.

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