ISIS Leader Known As ‘Jabba The Hut’ Had To Be Loaded Onto Truck After Capture

Got him.

A 40-stone ISIS leader known as ‘Jabba the Hutt’ has been arrested in Iraq and was so heavy he had to be loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck so authorities could wheel him away.

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Shifa al-Nima, also known as Abu Abdul Bari, is a seriously bad dude – responsible for the murders and rapes of men, women and children. He is also allegedly responsible for the bombing of a mosque.

Not to fat shame or anything, but get a load of the size of this fat prick:

More info via @AliBaroodi:

Again I don’t like to fat shame but I can’t imagine anyone will have a problem with us making fun of this ISIS fatass. After all he not only has chip grease on his hands, but blood as well. I mean how the hell was he even able to hide for so long? How are they even going to find a structure solid enough to hang him for his crimes?

Just imagine the moment Iraqi forces kicked his door down and saw him sat there like a beached whale, instantly realising what a mission it was going to be to move his fat ass:

A big loss for ISIS but a weight off the shoulders for the rest of us at least. Good work everyone.

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