This Girl Takes Face Painting To A Whole New Level

Start practicing early for Halloween this year.

Taylor Jewell loves face paint and loves nothing more than learning how to paint completely and utterly terrifying face pain on her own face inspired by her favourite artists on YouTube. She also says that she’s inspired by the artwork of surrealist painters such as Rodger Pister and Esao Andrews, as well as American Horror Story. Of course. She explained her obsession:

I love to use face paint to create strange or interesting characters. I have always liked to paint and draw, but have become more interested in face painting since last Halloween.

It’s so fun to sit down with all the materials you need to create something and letting your mind go.

I’ve always been drawn to more surreal or dark styles and have found a way to channel any ideas I may have.

If you check out the pictures in this post then I’m sure you’ll agree that Taylor completely and utterly nails it and is probably a shoe in for this year’s best Halloween costume, without even having an actual costume. Start practicing now if you want to nail Halloween next year as hard as she definitely is. Maybe get some tips from this incredible 3D face painter too.

Check them out on the slides below:

Most Terrifying Face Paint Ever

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