Man Lands The Most Painful Belly Flop Ever

Belly Flop

65 feet worth of impact.

We’ve all done it – arrived at the swimming pool, run up to the highest board, and then spectacularly belly flop off it. Normally this results in tears and an early trip home, but you were hopefully a little kid so it’s at least slightly respectable and understandable – at least I hope you were a little kid when you did it because you really should be smart enough to know better once the time you hit 10.

Unfortunately (or fortunately for us) the guy in this video wasn’t smart at all and decided to jump off a 65 foot cliff in Plymouth into a belly flop. Obviously, that’s gonna sting and you haven’t really heard anything like the smack his body takes off the water when he finally makes impact after floating down there for about 2 seconds. Oof.

It’s so bad that the guy lining up to do the jump after him has second thoughts and bottles it. Guy just needs to know how to dive properly though – maybe go feet first if you’re a real pussy? In any case, it’s not quite as ridiculous as this woman who almost died when she jumped off the high board and hit every platform on the way down.


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