Girl Completely Messes Up Jumping Off High Board; Almost Dies

Woman's Diving Board Disaster

This has got to hurt, in fact I don’t think it could have gone worse.

I gotta admit, I don’t really like jumping off the high boards at the local swimming pool because I’m shit scared of heights, but I don’t think I would ever stack it as bad as this woman. She kind of looks like she was the test run for the Sum 41 ‘In Too Deep’ video that didn’t work out at all how they wanted the video to look – although this one would probably have been better because it was such a brutal fail.

Basically, the woman is having a great day out at Idaho’s Lava Hot Springs Water Park when she decides to hit the diving boards. She goes to jump off the high board, pussies out when she sees how high it is, turns around and grabs the rail but unfortunately loses her balance, falls off the diving board and whacks her legs off the one lower than her causing her to flip full on and land in the water headfirst. Ouch.

To be fair to the girl though, she comes up from the water looking pretty fresh, almost as if it was all planned. Unfortunately for her it quite clearly wasn’t though – she did manage to miraculously escape with only a broken finger though, which is pretty unbelievable. She should be thankful she hasn’t turned out like Bizzy D from Sum 41, who is a complete mess now if you haven’t seen.


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