This Is What The World’s Most Expensive Coronavirus Face Mask Looks Like

Holy shit.

Step aside Indian guy with the $4000 COVID mask we wrote about last month, because there’s a new most expensive mask in town and it costs an absolutely stupendous $1.5 million.

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Made out of 18 carat gold and studded with 3,600 black and white diamonds, the mask is fitted with an N99 filter to offer a high level of protection, according to Isaac Levy – owner of the Yvel jewellery brand.

I don’t think (the customer is) going to use it going to the supermarket but he is going to use it here and there, I’m sure.

He is a young-old customer of ours, very charming, very outgoing, very wealthy and he likes to stand out.

Well that’s for sure. Can’t say I’m a person who cares much for gold or diamonds or generally flashy things as far as attire goes, but I gotta be honest, I would rock the absolute shit out of this mask:

Looks like it was dug up at some ancient Egyptian burial site or something. 18 karats! 3,600 black & white diamonds! N99 protection filter! Just a ridiculously expensive, custom made one-of-a-kind coronavirus face mask that will have you looking like the coolest person at whichever socially distanced event you wear this at.

Only problem is it costs $1.5 million which is probably stretching the budget a little bit. I mean most of us are too afraid to check our bank balance in fear of seeing the battering COVID-19 has put on it but I guess if you’re the ‘very charming, very outgoing, very wealthy’ client who Isaac Levy is talking about then Christmas has come early. Enjoy the mask, bud!

P.S. Maybe Drake would be interested after spending $400,000 on a custom smartphone case? Good grief.


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