VIDEO: Most Disrespectful Child Of All Time Pulls His Mum’s Wig Off In Supermarket

Watch as this young lad completely disrespects his mum in public and then pulls off the ultimate shocker by pulling her wig off.

Complete nightmare situation for the mum here — she’d probably given up on disciplining the little rascal a long time ago but when confronted by a fellow shopper about her lack of parental intervention she thinks she’d better give the young man a verbal dressing-down.

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Sadly, little man has zero respect for his mum and says a whole bunch of things that would have earned most of us a beat down at his age. But then he pulls off the ultimate disrespect move — he PULLS OFF HIS MUM’S WIG in the middle of the supermarket.

Maybe mum should arrange for these guys to pay a visit.

Watch below:


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