This Is The Most Brutal Rap Battle You Will Ever See

Most Brutal Rap Battle Ever

Guy got straight up cussed hard for five minutes for being fat.

We’ve seen a lot of great rap battles here on Sick Chirpse – like these kids having the most hyped up rap battle of all time –  but this one between Rone and Big T would definitely qualify as the meanest one that we’ve ever witnessed.

If you’re unfamiliar with these two characters, then you might be able to guess just from his name that Big T is a big guy and Rone uses this to his advantage during his round absolutely demolish in him for being a fat prick. And when I say demolish, I really do mean demolish because it is 100% brutal and Rone holds absolutely nothing back. Absolutely nothing. The last few lines will make anyone who’s even slightly overweight think about their body and do something about it.

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