UK School Kids Have The Most Hyped Up Rap Battle Of All Time

High School Rap Battle

I wish school had been this fun for me.

Rap battles are back in a big way – mainly thanks to the guys at Don’t Flop completely killing it with stuff like this compliments rap battle – and it’s not really that surprising that this has rolled over into the playground.

Here you can see a bunch of kids having on of the dumbest rap battles of all time but the crowd surrounding them is so hyped up by everything that it just goes off completely every time someone drops a bomb which to be fair to these kids is most of the time they step up to say something.

There’s only one kid – some dumb white guy with a crutch – that fucks any of them up which is pretty impressive. My favourite is definitely the guy who speaks really slowly – he absolutely knows how to deliver the killer blow in this environment.

It’s just a real shame that some grumpy old teacher comes over to break it up at the end even though the kids aren’t really doing anything except being loud. Teachers should stick to snapchat, not breaking up rap battle.


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