Take A Tour Around The House Of ‘Dragonman’: The Most Armed Man In America

Most Armed Man In America

Well he certainly looks the part.

We often joke about just how easy it is to get a gun in America, but the right to bear arms is a big deal over there and nobody has exercised it more than this guy Mel Bernstein AKA Dragonman.

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Bernstein (I’m not calling him fucking Dragonman, what am I, two years old?) has the highly desirable title of ‘Most Armed Man In America’. He runs a rifle range, weapons store and military museum in Colorado Springs, and despite having so many guns, seems like a pretty nice guy. Here’s a short documentary about his life:

Well, whatever turns you on I suppose. I collect comic books and people think that’s weird. I suppose that’s not that different to collecting loads of different guns and then customising your motorcycle to make it look like a fire breathing dragon with two guns holstered on the front? Is it?

For more guns, check out this guy who made a gun with the sole purpose of firing dildos out of it. Joker.


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