Morrisons Is Now Selling Vegan Pigs In Blankets

Vegan Pigs

Something for everyone this Christmas.

There has been a complete inundation of ridiculous Christmas themed food this year, but it looks as though Morrisons have actually gone out there and created something that people are actually going to appreciate and buy with the introduction of vegan pigs in blankets.

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All the vegans out there are almost certainly going to be crazy about this because they can lie about not missing all the other things they’re no longer able to eat, but there’s absolutely no way that they can blag that they’re not missing pigs in blankets. Everyone in the history of the world ever loves that shit – I’m not gonna hear otherwise.

The vegan pigs in blankets do have a bit of a naff name – veggies in vests – but they sound like they’re going to be an OK substitute for the real thing. The pigs are vegan sausages that are made out of tomatoes, potatoes, mushrooms and basil and they’re then carefully wrapped in an aubergine which acts as a substitute for the bacon. Sounds alrite doesn’t it?

You can get them now at all Morrisons stores in the UK and they’ll only set you back £2.50 for a packet of ten. They also look like they’re slightly bigger than your regular pigs in blankets so you’re also getting more bang for your buck there as well. What’s not to like? They do look good don’t they, and I’m sure a vegan will tell you that the best thing about them is that they’re cruelty free. Woooooo!

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