Asda Is Selling A Vegan Cheeseboard This Christmas For Just £5

Vegan Cheeseboard 2

Merry Christmas.

It’s definitely too soon to get excited about Christmas, but all the vegans might be slighlty justified in getting a bit pumped up for it after Asda revealed that they were going to be selling a vegan cheeseboard for just five pounds this Christmas.

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The board is going to include three different non dairy cheeses: a traditional mature cheddar alternative, a garlic & chive mature cheddar alternative, and a wensleydale & cranberry alternative. Best of all the board sounds as if it’s going to be very affordable and also looks like it comes with some crackers and jam and stuff as well. Pretty decent.

Don’t get too excited yet though if you’re of the vegan persuasion because it’s not going to be available for about three months as it drops on November 22nd. You’ll have to make do with some other regular vegan cheese until then unfortunately. Save your fivers though so you can get a bunch of these in for all your vegan dinner parties over the festive period. Definitely gonna be the best vegan xmas in memory.

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