Monopoly Have Set Up A Hotline For Families To Deal With Bust Ups Over Christmas


Why hasn’t this happened sooner?

Playing board games with your parents when you’re wasted over Christmas inevitably leads to a whole host of arguments. It’s pretty much a rite of passage for most families.

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Bearing that in mind, it’s kind of surprising that no other board games have decided to do what Monopoly have done by setting up a Christmas hotline to help out people who are having bust ups over the rules in the game. It’ll be open from December 24th to December 26th and Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director of Hasbro UK & Ireland, said the following about it:

We’ll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advice on how to resolve common complaints, with each person also having the opportunity to make a donation to Childline when they call.

We had the idea after a recent survey of 2000 adults determined that 51% of games ended in a row. Here are the top 10 reasons for arguments during Monopoly:

1. People making up rules.

2. People being too cocky when winning.

3. Someone buying a property you want, even when they don’t need it.

4. People taking too long to take their turn.

5. Someone stealing from the bank.

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6. Someone deliberately mis-counting their move.

7. Who gets to be the banker.

8. The property auction process.

9. Choice over tokens.

10. What the rules of “Free Parking” are.

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Yeah, I have definitely encountered a whole bunch of those scenarios when I’ve played Monopoly and I haven’t even played it that much recently. There was always some dickhead stealing money from the bank when nobody was looking. Really, this hotline is a great idea – hopefully they can incorporate it to last all year round if it’s successful over the festive period.

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