This Monkey Saved A Stray Puppy And Now They’re Best Mates (VIDEO)

Monkey Adopts Stray Dog

Puppy love.

It’s fairly rare to see different species of animals make friends and hang out, so when you do bear witness to it then it’s especially cute, as illustrated by the video below.

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The video features the actions of a rhesus macaque monkey over in the mid-western Indian city of Allahabad, India that decided to adopt a puppy when it found it roaming around the streets on its own in the neighbourhood of Kareli. The monkey was seen looking after the puppy as if it were its own baby and soon began to share no shortage of attention from the locals, who were positively enamoured by the relationship and took to making videos and feeding the unlikely pair:

What a pair of cuties. Let’s hope they have a long and happy life together and the locals continue to feed and look after them and that they don’t get attacked by any other stray animals running around the place.

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