Monk Accidentally Boils Himself Alive During Failed ‘Spiritual’ Stunt (VIDEO)


He was trying to prove his spiritual power.

There seem to be countless examples throughout history of religious leaders claiming that they have superpowers only for them to fail in the most embarrassing and tragic ways when they attempt to demonstrate them and this next video is another great example of this.

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It comes from Indonesia, where a Taoist guru named Lin Ba was attempting to demonstrate how powerful his spirituality was by sealing himself in a metal steamer. Apparently, the 65-year-old had performed the stunt many times before but after having surgery for a heart bypass he was unable to perform it again and started banging on the sides of the capsule roughly 30 minutes into the feat of endurance.

Those around the capsule managed to get him out, but he had suffered second degree burns and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the nearest hospital thanks to a heart attack. You can see distressing footage of him being pulled from the capsule below – his son Kang Hua said the following:

The sounds coming from inside the wok were not regular and not normal so we knew there was something wrong.

By the time the ambulance arrived, my father had stopped breathing. He underwent a heart bypass last year due to on-and-off breathing difficulties.

My mother Chang Siew Hong, my sisters and I are very sad. Our cheerful father has left us forever.

It’s truly tragic. You could argue that it’s stupid that he was even attempting to do something like this, but when you consider he had allegedly performed the ceremony 75 times previously then you can’t really blame the guy for thinking he would be able to do it one more time. RIP.

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