Money Heist Season Three Just Dropped On Netflix

It’s back.

There are a host of excellent TV shows available to stream on Netflix but I think we’re all in agreement that Money Heist is no doubt one of the absolute best ones out there, unless you’re one of those dickheads that won’t watch something because it’s got subtitles.

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So with that in mind I’m sure that every one of you will be excited to know that Netflix just dropped a new series of the crime thriller today without so much as a warning. Guess that’s the weekend sorted then.

If you’re still not convinced (not really sure why you’ve read this far if you’re not a Money Heist fan) then you can check out the trailer below, as well as a little blurb from series creator Alex Pina:

The third season maintains the same DNA of the previous ones but, it’s so much more in every way. More spectacular, more ambitious, more surprising, more photographically beautiful, more narratively risky and of course, we continue to experiment.

I mean yeah there’s pretty much no way that that isn’t going to be completely sick is there? Cancel all your plans and get ready for a binge.

For more of the same, check out this video of a gang of men pulling off an actual heist. Damn.


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