Here’s The Moment Ross Kemp Almost Got His Head Blown Off By ISIS Terrorists (VIDEO)

Ross Kemp Sniper Rifle

Hard as nails.

Ross Kemp has been filming a new documentary entitled ‘Ross Kemp: The Fight Against ISIS’ over the past few months and this required him to go to the frontline in Syria and risk his life, just like the majority of his other documentaries.

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Things got a little too close to comfort for Ross this time though when jihadist snipers actually targeted him during a segment on the show. In this clip, you can see him sheltering in some rubble with a bunch of Kurdish fighters when a bullet zips over his head and smashes into a wall behind him, causing shrapnel to go flying everywhere and Ross to get the hell out of dodge. Scary:

Here’s what Ross had to say about the incident:

We came under pretty intense sniper fire. You don’t hear the bullets moving towards you – they’re travelling too fast. Faster than the speed of sound.

You hear the snap as they break the sound barrier and the snap as they hit the wall. You can feel the air pressure changing – you can feel the whoosh, the whip of the wind around the bullet. You can feel it.

It’s part of the job. If you’re going to go on the front line, you should be under no illusions that there’s a good chance you’re going to get shot at.

ISIS were targeting me and and my crew because we were westerners.

The Kurdish fighter I was with had hacked ISIS’ radios and we heard they were talking about firing on me.

There was only no man’s land between ISIS and us. You’re trying to get as low as you can so you can smell the mud, you can smell the soil all around you.

You’re thinking: “Keep your head down. Don’t risk putting your head over the parapet when you’re moving around.

Intense, but I suppose the kind of documentaries Kemp is famed for making these days aren’t exactly the safest and require an element of risk, and as he enjoys it so much and probably intends to keep making them we can only hope he stays safe. I think most organisations would know that killing a member of the press – even if it is Ross Kemp – probably isn’t in their best interests though in terms of a potential retaliation.

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