A great face for a fold

Whilst watching back-to-back episodes of Jersey Shore (I know) and generally wasting my life away on the internet I managed to stumble across this incredible and utterly dumb website.

It’s essentially a meeting place for like-minded people who enjoy nothing more than finding a picture of Ross Kemp and folding it in various ways, thus rendering it hilarious.
Who can blame them? Ross Kemp has an extremely foldable face


Check it out for yourself below

Kemp is probably best known for his work on Eastenders, and more recently his gritty and often unintentionally comical documentaries, but there is no doubt in my mind that his career peaked when starring in the hit ITV show Ultimate Force. Fans will no doubt cherish his timeless performance as the bizarrely named “Henry ‘Henno’ Garvie”. If you’ve never seen it I URGE you to check this show out HERE. It’s beyond incredible. Seriously.


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