Model Who Quit Her Job To Become A Street Food Seller Is Absolute Killing It

From riches to rags.

Why you would switch a jetset modelling lifestyle for a hot sweaty street food kitchen I do not know, but nevertheless that’s exactly what a young mum in Taiwan decided to do with her life.

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The unnamed woman, believed to be in her 20s, decided to swap dressing up for serving up, and became a street food seller in her home town. Perhaps due to her interesting outfit choices, her BBQ meat stand has been absolutely killing it.

People can’t seem to get enough of her hot dogs, sausages and kebabs from the roadside stall. Fair play to her. She reportedly said:

I’m real. I used to be a model but now I sell food. The compliments are very flattering.

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Well, good on this woman for following her dreams. It’s great that she’s able to incorporate some of her modelling skills into her new vocation – and clearly it’s paid off.

It would be interesting to know why this woman made the career change in the first place. Maybe she had become disillusioned with the modelling industry – a bit like this woman.


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