Model Edits Her Instagram Posts To Show The Sinister Truth Behind The Photos


“My agency told me that my hips were too wide.”

It’s easy to believe everything you see on the internet – after all, your eyes don’t lie right? When you see a picture of a beautiful girl on Instagram teamed with a caption that talks about their “blessed life” you assume they’re on top of it.

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However, London-based model Jazz Egger is attempting to remove our rose tinted glasses by showing us the more sinister side of the modelling industry. She decided to update a collection of her shots with a more honest insight into what it takes to get the perfect picture.

After starting in the modelling game at the young age of 13 back in her home country, Austria, she slowly started to learn more about the industry. And as she did, her disdain for it grew. She said:

I tried to think of ways to change it and I think you can only change a system if you’re part of it. So I knew I had to become someone in the industry before people would start to listen to what I have to say.

I get so many messages from young people who ask me how they can lose weight or other beauty questions.

I never give them advice, I only ask them: ‘If you were the only person on this planet and no one could see you, would you still want to change your body?’

By adapting the captions to show how much effort went into each picture, Jazz hopes to show young girls that this is not a realistic portrayal of how a woman should look:


Well, good on you Jazz for speaking out about the issues that arise from the beauty industry. I don’t know if this means that she’s quitting or what, but good luck to her whatever she decides.

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