Model’s Photoshoot On Beach Gets Interrupted By 10 Illegal Immigrants Swimming Onto The Shore

This must have been EXHILARATING.

Model Ekaterina Juskowski was shooting a video of her friend on a beach in Florida, trying to help her land a modelling contract too, when she noticed a boat show up in the background. She thought it was a scuba boat so stopped recording because it ruined the shot, but quickly turned the video back on when she realised it was in fact a boat carrying 10 illegal immigrants who then dived into the water and made a mad dash for shore.

US Border Patrol said:

That’s a testament to how confident these organizations are – what we call transnational criminal organizations – who smuggle criminals and narcotics right onto the beach. There has been an increase in known maritime smuggling in Florida – from Key West all along the Florida coast – from fiscal year 2014 to now.

Firstly, that girl needs to lose the tan lines if she wants to make it in the modelling world. Second, what a thrill that must have been for those immigrants dashing onto land and stepping foot in the US for the first time like that. I mean yeah being an illegal immigrant must be crap but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like to feel that rush they all felt storming the beach like that.

Florida, though? We can think of at least 9 other beaches we’d rather wash up on.


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