Model Whose Butt Implants Exploded Now Wants ‘Hips Made Of Glass’

Mia Maffia

She’ll never learn.

Adult movie star and model Mia Maffia nearly died after undergoing a risky bum implant procedure.

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Although the implants exploded and nearly killed the Leeds-based model, she claims to not be deterred by the incident. In fact, the 26-year-old is now planning on getting hip implants.

Mia Maffia

The operation, known as buttocks bioplasty, means putting in implants made from PMMA – the same compound that’s found in glass. Mia said:

Every surgery anyone has is a risk but all anyone remembers is the few cosmetic surgeries that go wrong, not the millions that go right.

When I first had my bum implants done, I knew that they’d look amazing but that my hips were so little, they’d still make me look super slim.

I liked that look, and I loved my new bum – but I couldn’t help but think that if I had curvaceous hips, I’d look that much better.

So I started researching and found a clinic in Colombia that did hip implants surgery. Unlike boobs and bum implants that use silicone, they use PMMA – a chemical found in glass to fill the hips and make fibres inside that they spread and harden.

I’d never say no to more surgery, why would I? Having the perfect body has made me so happy. Men can’t get enough of me and looking like I do makes me money as a model.

Of course I get criticism for having so much surgery, but it’s my body and I do with it as I choose. On the other hand, I’ve been told by women that they’ve been inspired by me to have surgeries and been so happy with the decision.

Mia Maffia

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It’s kind of depressing that we live in a world where some people’s dreams and aspirations literally just involve changing their outer appearance. Either way good luck to Mia and her glass hips – she’s going to need it.

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