Surgery Addict ‘Human Ken Doll’ Just Had His Most Extreme Procedure Yet



A man who has been dubbed the ‘Human Ken Doll’ has added three new modifications to the ongoing list of cosmetic procedures he has had done.

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One of these involved 36-year-old Justin Jedlica from California spending the last two years having his most extreme surgery yet – a series of bizarre back implants. The self-confessed surgery addict had his previous latissimus implants removed and then had these replaced with slimmed-down versions.

The surgeries do not come cheap either, costing him $21,000. Still, that’s a drop in the ocean compared to the $560,000 he’s already spent on his body. Speaking before getting the back implants updated, Jedlica said: 

For me I look at this as being an art form.

With my implant design and body modifications it’s much more about making myself exceptionally different from anyone else.

I had my first latissimus procedure about two years ago and I was the first person in the world to ever embark on an augmentation to their back.

I conceptualised the surgery. I designed the implants. Everything healed well, it just ended up being a little bit big.

I’m having a revision on my latissimus implants. Those are the wings on your back and I’m having one of my teres implants moved just for symmetry. I’m also having one on my forehead vein cut, tied off and bladed.

The first step that we are going to undertake is removing the current latissimus implants. That means they have to make a cut underneath in my armpit.

The doctor won’t be able to just take them out like a normal implant because they are so large and they are actually hook shaped.

What we will have to actually do is take them and pull them in sections or cut them out in sections and use tongs or his hands to go down my back and pull these pieces out until he gets all of the pocket cleaned out and that implant out of my body.

Although Jedlica has received widespread criticism over his body modification ventures, he says that it doesn’t bother him as he’s got a good support system around:

My friends are amazing with my plastic surgery actually. I think they enjoy the fact that it’s little bit of being non-conformist and speaking out against the typical norms of what western culture dictates as beautiful.

It’s sort of like, the haters keep hating and I stay famous. I become more famous. So at the end of the day my friends all stick by me.

I love the ability to be able to design and brand my body.

I never thought I would be able to live in West Hollywood in a multimillion dollar home. I attribute a lot of that to the confidence and self-esteem that I got from plastic surgery.

I chose to look a specific way and it may not be the way everybody else thinks is typically beautiful. But I find it beautiful and that’s really all that matters at the end of the day.

Well, you might knock him for being a surgery addict, but it seems like the Human Ken Doll is happy with his life and what he’s achieved. Now he just needs to find himself a Human Barbie Doll and he can live happily ever after…



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