Modder Builds Awesome Launch Ramp In GTA V And Causes Ultimate Destruction

Launch Ramp GTA V

Best mod ever?

Most of the time the mods that people spend ages of their time making aren’t really anywhere near worth the time spent on them in terms of entertainment value. Sure, the one where whales fell from the sky and the one where a gun shot cars were pretty funny for about five minutes, but that’s about it really. This one is different though.

In it, one modder has created a mod where he’s created a massive launch ramp on the back of a truck that cars will travel up and fly into the air if he gets in the way of their routes. So what’s the obvious thing to do? Obviously to drive down the highway and cause absolute carnage. Check it out below:

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Absolute bliss to watch on a Friday lunch break right. I love the way it just gets bigger and better every time when you don’t think he can top it. Is it as good as when Pokemon got recreated in GTA V though?


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